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May 25th, 2007

Hi all - it's been a very long time since we have posted last. Over the last few years and with the help of the visitors, Rose has earned enough knowledge to have a very intelligent brain.

We feel it's time to take the next steps of innovation as there has been plenty of exciting and insightful research since we launched the project. Stay tuned as we're expecting some very interesting developments.

Also, if you're interested in participating in this project or would like access to the Teach Rose Project data, please call our office and leave a message for Nic (that's me): +1 303-219-6430 (Denver, Colorado, USA)

Also, if you haven't seen the current brain report, check out the Current Brain Report to see what the strongest brain connections are. It would seem that Rose has taken a liking to love, friends, loyalty, honesty, trust, sports, holidays, card games, and alcohol!

Back again !

Thanks again for the support and ideas. We are also gaining growing support for a Teach Rose newsletter.

Latest Additions:
Current Brain Report - details the strongest and weakest word associations. This is a live report. At the time of this posting, the 38th weakest association was OLDER - BROTHER....Rose is learning that she doesn't have an older brother! Awesome!

Ability to skip word sets
- this helps for those words that you have no opinion about or if you don't know them.  Although it seems logical that skipping should factor in somewhat to Rose's Brain...please let us know your suggestions.

Thanks again for your suggestions. We have some exciting things in the works such as visual recognition, node mapping, search, etc. Stay tuned!

Don't forget to play in the hive mind sandbox...

March 1st, 2007 Hi everyone!

I've received numerous questions and suggestions in the last few days - thank you and keep 'em coming!

Here are a couple of the most common questions answered:

What specific type of Artificial Intelligence are you creating?
This is a great question.  For those who are curious about the philosophical, yet technical answer...  Our goal is to create "strong" A.I. - and we know that it's been labeled the impossible holy grail.  However, we use "weak" A.I. for chatting only at the current time. Rose learns simple things like your name or times and events but, it is not good enough to call it "strong".  However, using dialogue history and combining it with natural language analytics gives us great insight into how we should map the next "release".  As you can see, we've been rolling things out one at a time...and let's not forget that we're trying to make this fun for visitors too.  Hopefully that better explains what we are after - basically weak A.I. in order to map the strong A.I.

Also, since we're looking for unbiased input, we don't want to reveal our specific gathering methods either.  Although I'm always happy to try and answer your questions and consider your suggestions.

How can I tap into the data?
We are working on various tools to generate this information into readable format.  Unfortunately, our original display mechanism broke because the browser couldn't handle 40MB of node trees.  

You can already see some of the data when you verify word associations or Q & A. We have plans to release this information to donors first and open it up later to the general public. We are strong believers that whatever research is done in this field should be shared.

Although we want to provide this data as soon as possible, our first priority is to give Rose all the information she can handle.
fun fact: the human brain tosses out at 20% of all stimuli instantly

Thanks again for your question.  Rose's vocabulary is growing every day by leaps and bounds.  She's processing anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 words at any given time now.  Also, we hope that people will take the time to give us feedback on our beta areas.

Our latest beta release, is our new Hive Mind Sandbox - -
It is definitely an interesting, one-of-a-kind experiment.

Thanks again for your support,

~ Nic Rio
February 27th, 2007 The growth of vocabulary and questions has been amazing!

We've added something quite interesting to explore visual hive mind collaboration.  Check out the Hive Mind Sandbox and let us know what you think.

~ Nic

February 21st, 2007 Wow, only 15 days since the first visitor and we've maxed out the node tree! Unfortunately, the php script we used to visually demonstrate the word associations is at the maximum of 40MB (40MB of text is a lot!).

We are still able to accept information so keep it going while we rebuild the display mechanism.

If anyone is familiar with php scripting and memory limits, we need your expertise!  Please contact us.

Thanks again for your support,

~ Nic Rio

February 21st, 2007 Alright, another fun week!  What a great experiment!

We've had about five people take the time to really contribute.  Rose has learned a lot from these people (in total more than 6,000 words).  However, Rose's overall vocabulary has grown much, much larger.  The down side is that a large number of the words may not be related. We need your help!

This also poses another really great question.

Who will win in teaching Rose?  Will those with lower morale standards prevail or will those with a greater sense of humanity?  Hence the fun of the experiment...

Here are the current strongest and weakest associations:

loyal - best friend (big leader)
friendship - love
share - friend

boring - boastful
letters - copious (wow this one is holding on!)
energy - red

It seems as though the words that were learned earlier have developed the stronger associations.  I guess that makes sense, but we'll have to look into more data to see if this is really true.

Thanks for your support,

~ Nic Rio

February 14th, 2007

Visitors have added a whopping 1380 in the first 7 days!  
That's almost 200 new words per day!

Here are the current strongest and weakest associations**:

loyal - best friend
share - friend
friendship - love
sports - team

letters - copious
bubble gum - red
candy - horrible

**Because visitors are able to rate these associations, approximately 200 word associations have been removed from her vocabulary.  If an association falls below a certain mathematical value, it is removed in her "dreaming process".

So far the results are extremely positive.  It also appears that most contributors are giving Rose positive associations and words.  It will be interesting to see what happens when some visitors with lower morale standards contribute and if those contributions will be overruled/removed by the masses.

Thanks to our amazing response and donations so far, we will be moving our "lab" servers over to real servers that can handle the traffic.
If you'd like to make a donation to this project, please contact us.

We're currently working on an exciting "underground" project that we hope will be released this summer.  If visitors keep contributing at this rate and her vocabulary keeps growing steadily, we will achieve our goals.

If you haven't seen it, check out our "lesson plan".

Thank you for your contributions and donations - stay tuned for more exciting developments!

February 9th, 2007 Since having our first visitors on February 7th,
we've seen massive contributions from our visitors!

And we're already seeing some interesting nuances in Rose's vocabulary.
For instance, I noticed that someone added "check" to the word "box to make the association for "checkbox"....but since visitors have weakened the associations, "check" is going to be "dreamt about" tonight and removed from her vocabulary. Most visitors didn't see any association between the words and it took me a second to realize the tiniest association. Either way, it's been removed from her brain. It will be interesting to see if it's recreated later. .

Since she is still only a few days old, recent contributions by visitors will greatly effect Rose early on. Just like a child, there will be a foundation to her learning that she'll never forget...and it's happening right now!

We'll keep you informed and thanks for visiting!

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