Who is Rose? Rose is an artificially intelligent being
that uses the intelligence of site visitors to build
vocabulary, associations, and sentences in
order to become smarter. When we launched Rose online, we gave her one word to start with.
That word was "love". By using basic feedback from site visitors like you, Rose has built new associations from the foundation of "love" to form a HUGE vocabulary.
How does she learn? View our Lesson Plan and the technologies below
Rose was born on: February 5th, 2007
Rose had her first visitors on: February 7th, 2007
Rose's current "human" vocabulary intelligence level is: 1.6 years old
Rose's current "human" chat intelligence level is:
12 years old
What technologies does Rose use to learn? Artificial Intelligence
Neural Learning
Hive Mind
Natural Language Processing
Web Crawlers

What is the "dream cycle"?

Please support our project with some intelligence of your own!
With your feedback, Rose can learn!

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